The Book


Hong Kong is a city with a long history of civil disobedience. Antony Dapiran explores the historical and social stimuli and implications of public dissident movements from the turbulent 1960s until the most recent wave of protests, which became apparent in the 2014 Occupy Central movement. What emerges from these grassroots movements is a unique Hong Kong identity, one shaped neither by Britain nor China. City of Protest is a compelling look at the often-fraught relationship between politics and belonging, and a city’s struggle to assert itself.

"Hong Kong is caught between China and an increasingly uncertain world. City of Protest is both an incisive analysis of the Umbrella Movement and an important record of Hong Kong's history of protest."  Ai Weiwei

"As Antony Dapiran makes clear in this readable, timely account of Hong Kong, for a city with an image as apolitical, protest lies at the heart of the city's culture...This is a great and accessible overview of the idiosyncrasies of one of the world's best known, but least understood, places."  Professor Kerry Brown, Director, Lau China Institute, King's College London